URCNA Synod-2: Officers


Rev. John Bouwers, Rev. Ron Scheuers, Rev. Greg Lubbers, and Rev. Doug Barnes

Synod Nyack 2012 of the URCNA convened this morning with Rev. Rich Kuiken serving as Chairman pro tem. Delegates elected Rev. Ron Scheuers as Chairman, Rev. John Bouwers was elected Vice Chair, Rev. Doug Barnes as First Clerk, and Rev. Greg Lubbers as Second Clerk.

Delegates will now work in their assigned advisary committees until Synod reconvenes in plenary session following the afternoon break.

One tense moment for me was a motion to require that all non-delegates have all electronic devices turned off during advisory committee meetings and plenary sessions. Although I’d already begun some Facebook updates and hope to do some regular blog updates, such a motion would mean that I couldn’t even use my laptop to take notes. That would have made my work as a reporter for Christian Renewal extremely difficult and I’m very thankful that delegates soundly voted down that motion.

I’m also thankful for a roster of experienced and competent officers who will lead Synod well. In his first remarks, Rev. Ron Scheuers said the officers, and all delegates, are not here “because of power, but ultimately to serve for the glory of Christ.”

May God bless these men in their leadership roles this week!




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