Sovereign Shepherd, Psalm 24

The previous two meditations here at Ascribelog have looked at how Psalm 22 portrays Christ as the suffering Shepherd, and how Psalm 23 shows him as the all-sufficient Shepherd. Today we'll explore Psalm 24 and its depiction of the sovereign Shepherd. Psalm 24 begins by acknowledging God as creator and sovereign ruler over all aspects … Continue reading Sovereign Shepherd, Psalm 24

Sufficient Shepherd, Psalm 23

When Pastor Ron Steel recently preached on Psalm 23, he called it the most beloved, but also the least believed. He also pointed out that it is the middle of three psalms that speak about Christ as our suffering Shepherd (Psalm 22), our sufficient Shepherd (Psalm 23), and our sovereign Shepherd (Psalm 24). I highly … Continue reading Sufficient Shepherd, Psalm 23

The Suffering Shepherd, Psalm 22

Before the psalter's most famous and beloved Psalm 23, where vivid imagery of green pastures and still waters portrays the Lord as our sufficient Shepherd, we read in Psalm 22 of Christ as our suffering Shepherd. This psalm, written about 1,000 years prior to the birth of Jesus (and hundreds of years before the practice … Continue reading The Suffering Shepherd, Psalm 22

God’s power and blessing, Psalm 21

The content of Psalm 21 naturally follows the content of Psalm 20 and seems to flow from it. Psalm 20 is a beautiful expression of God's rescue of those who trust in him Psalm 21 rejoices in the blessings bestowed after that powerful rescue. While David rejoices because God has finally established him as a … Continue reading God’s power and blessing, Psalm 21

Trusting in God’s Name, Psalm 20

In God's perfect timing and following recent discussion with friends about trusting in God, Psalm 20 becomes more meaningful than ever. Do you feel that today is your day of trouble? Read and rejoice in this psalm! The psalm begins with seven exclamations pleading for specific actions and outcomes (Psalm 20:1-5, ESV): May the Lord answer you … Continue reading Trusting in God’s Name, Psalm 20

Heavens declare, Psalm 19

With the moon's late rise recently, the stars shine brightly enough to see the bright band of the Milky Way stretched across the night sky like sparkled netting. I've always been moved to praise the Creator when I see the night sky, but ever since I read Yvonne Anderson's The Story in the Stars and The Gospel … Continue reading Heavens declare, Psalm 19

Ultimate Ally, Psalm 18:25-50

The first part of Psalm 18 describes God as the ultimate hero who rescues those he loves. The second part of the psalm shows God as our ultimate ally. This section continues the concept of being blameless, which concluded our meditation on the first section of this psalm.  The poet warrior David writes: With the merciful … Continue reading Ultimate Ally, Psalm 18:25-50

Ultimate hero, Psalm 18:1-24

Psalm 18 is a song of victory, written by the poet warrior, David. My last meditational post looked at only David's first phrase, "I love you, O Lord." Since the psalm has 50 verses, I'm dividing the remainder into two additional posts. This one covering the first 24 verses, which explode with vivid word pictures describing … Continue reading Ultimate hero, Psalm 18:1-24

Love of a poet warrior, Psalm 18:1

Does the term "poet warrior" seem like an oxymoron? We tend to think of poets as anemic ascetics with quivering quills in isolated ivory towers. And we imagine warriors as bulky brutes with swinging swords in swarming bloody battles. But David was a poet and a warrior. David the poet warrior wrote Psalm 18 as … Continue reading Love of a poet warrior, Psalm 18:1

The Shadow of Your Wings, Psalm 17

"Keep me as the apple of your eye: hide me in the shadow of your wings," writes David in his Psalm 17 prayer (verse 8, ESV). How amazing to think of God valuing me as the apple of his eye! To imagine myself sheltering in the shadow of his wings! David begins his prayer from the perspective … Continue reading The Shadow of Your Wings, Psalm 17