Psalm 58

On Mondays for the last several years, I've been trying to post a meditation on a psalm and today's the day for Psalm 58.¬†Interestingly,¬†Bible Gateway's "Book of Common Prayer" reading plan for today (March 17, 2014) includes Psalm 58. Almost four years ago, I looked at Psalm 58 in a post titled "Broken Teeth & … Continue reading Psalm 58


Love of a poet warrior, Psalm 18:1

Does the term "poet warrior" seem like an oxymoron? We tend to think of poets as anemic ascetics with quivering quills in isolated ivory towers. And we imagine warriors as bulky brutes with swinging swords in swarming bloody battles. But David was a poet and a warrior. David the poet warrior wrote Psalm 18 as … Continue reading Love of a poet warrior, Psalm 18:1