NaNo News: No Time To Lose!

News from the NaNo front is grim: 33,054 words at Day 25. At this rate, I'll reach the 50k word count goal on December 7. To finish on time, I'd have to write 2,825 words per day, but I have family commitments tomorrow and I don't write on Sunday. So I actually have only four … Continue reading NaNo News: No Time To Lose!


NaNo News

Those of you not on Facebook may be interested to know that I'm now over 10k words in this year's NaNoWriMo novel. Then again, you may not be interested at all, but NaNoWriMo will likely be the subject of Fiction Friday posts during November. Just to bring you up to date, I wrote 3,193 inĀ  … Continue reading NaNo News

Fiction Friday-Dawn’s early light

Today's Fiction Friday here at Cottonwood Hollow. Dawn's roses and golds glow behind black silhouettes of cottonwood trees. Most of their leaves blew off in yesterday's strong wind and now lie strewn over the green grass in a haphazard pattern of brown and gold. A double mug of steaming coffee, laced with almond toffee creamer, … Continue reading Fiction Friday-Dawn’s early light