Christmas and the Arts

During the Christmas season, Reformed Christians enjoy the beauty of the arts more than any other time of year. They decorate their homes with artistic wreaths, creative decorations, fragrant greenery, and nativity sets. They listen to Handel’s Messiah and tap their toes to its rousing Hallelujah Chorus. Many use their God-given talents to craft attractive … Continue reading Christmas and the Arts


Christmas Rest

Tomorrow is Christmas! How does thinking about that make you feel? Excited as a child who just can’t wait? Calm as a queen who has everything under control? Or as panicky as an arachnophobic in a cellar full of spiders? Are you making your list and checking it twice? If you’re like me, you’re making … Continue reading Christmas Rest

The Nutcracker

On this fiction Friday, I'm posting a short story I wrote several years ago since it's appropriate for the season. The Nutcracker by Glenda Mathes   With “Silent Night” playing in the background, Marti rubber-stamped paper lunch bags to proclaim, “Jesus is the Reason for the Season.” Pints of strawberry jelly sparkled in straight rows … Continue reading The Nutcracker

Marketing or ministry?

My friend, Yvonne Anderson, reflects today on the tension between marketing and writing. Having two books published this year has shown me how that tension increases exponentially. There seems to be a continual tug of war between these two priorities. But one thing I'm learning is that the lines blur between marketing and ministry. Since … Continue reading Marketing or ministry?

Signing books and meeting people

The best thing about book signings is interacting with people. I'm blessed to have many wonderful friends from my church family, like my dear friend, Lee, and others who came in last evening while I was signing copies of A Month of Sundays: 31 Meditations on Resting in God. I'm also blessed to have a highly … Continue reading Signing books and meeting people