Signing books and meeting people

Lee-me-cThe best thing about book signings is interacting with people. I’m blessed to have many wonderful friends from my church family, like my dear friend, Lee, and others who came in last evening while I was signing copies of A Month of Sundays: 31 Meditations on Resting in God.

I’m also blessed to have a highly supportive family, whose members turn out in amazing numbers for my book signings. I love seeing those smiling faces walk through the door! And it just doesn’t get any better than when your two-year-old grandson climbs up on your lap before he even gets his coat off!Grandma loves me

But I also like meeting new people and having the opportunity to tell them about my books. They don’t always buy one, but sometimes they do. And they usually take a bookmark with my blog URL and information about the book, so one never knows if they might buy one later. I pray and I trust that God will place my books into the hands of those who may benefit from them.

I’ve heard and read that the average numbers of books sold at one of these type of signings is four (bear in mind we’re not talking about J.K. Rowling or even Lynn Austin here). I sold a lot more than four last night. I’ve sold more than that at each of the three book signings I’ve done at this store this year. But even before I walk in the store, I constantly remind myself that it isn’t about the numbers. It isn’t about making money. (I’m realistic enough to know that I’m never going to get rich from my writing.) It’s about relationships. I want to build relationships with people, and I want to strengthen individuals’ relationships with God.

Grandpa Gil-Me-Layton-1In this Christmas season, may you rest in the Lord as you discover anew what “God with us” meant while Jesus walked the earth, what “God with us” means now while he reigns in heaven and in our hearts, and what “God with us” will mean when he returns.


Come, thou long-expected Jesus, born to set thy people free. From our fears and sins release us. Let us find our rest in thee.


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