Why call it Good Friday?

When I was little, I wondered why we called such a somber day, with a worship service that seemed like a funeral, Good Friday. It didn't seem like a particularly good or happy day. As I grew, I increasingly realized the benefits of Christ's death and why remembering his suffering was good for us. Today's devotions from the Book … Continue reading Why call it Good Friday?


>The Last of the First

>Today is the last day of the first month in 2010.Are you calling it "two thousand-ten" or "twenty-ten"? An argument for "twenty-ten" is that we didn't say "one thousand, nine hundred-ninety-nine." But I never heard anyone say "twenty-oh-nine" either. Personally, "twenty-ten" sounds like a shotgun caliber and I'm sticking with "two thousand-ten," but it's really … Continue reading >The Last of the First