“Welcome to the Wedding” by Jeremy Veldman

In lieu of writing my own meditation on Psalm 45 today, I'm posting a link to a sermon on the psalm, preached by Rev. Jeremy Veldman in 2004. Rev. Veldman now pastors Covenant United Reformed Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan, but at the time he preached this sermon he was serving an internship at Covenant URC in Kansas … Continue reading “Welcome to the Wedding” by Jeremy Veldman

“When God Hides His Face” by Rev. Paul Ipema

Rather than writing a meditation today on Psalm 44, I'm sharing a sermon on the psalm by Rev. Paul Ipema of Community United Reformed Church in Schererville, IN. He preached this sermon at the evening worship service on February 6 of 2011. It can be accessed on the Sermon Audio website. In this message, Rev. Ipema speaks … Continue reading “When God Hides His Face” by Rev. Paul Ipema

Far from home, Psalm 43

Most scholars believe that Psalm 43 belongs with Psalm 42. In The Literary Study Bible ESV, editors Ryken and Ryken write: "The case is overwhelming that these two poems actually constitute a single worship psalm" (p. 792). They point out how the combined psalms express the longing of an exile to return to worship God in his … Continue reading Far from home, Psalm 43

Your worst life now, Psalm 42

Contrary to some popular preachers, you can't live your best life now. You're actually living your worst life now. Can you imagine a manuscript titled Your Worst Life Now? Any editor or publisher consider that proposal an epic fail in marketing strategy. It's too negative! It's too pessimistic! But it's only too true. What you're living now as … Continue reading Your worst life now, Psalm 42

Everlasting God, Psalm 41

Psalm 41 is the final psalm in Book One of the Psalter. It's a lament that begins with an extended statement of confidence in God's sovereign provision: Blessed is the one who considers the poor!     In the day of trouble the Lord delivers him; the Lord protects him and keeps him alive;     he is called blessed in the land; … Continue reading Everlasting God, Psalm 41

Impatience inversion, Psalm 40

Many laments begin with a cry to God, but end with resting in him and waiting on his will. Psalm 40 reverses that usual order. It begins with patient rest and ends with an impatient plea. TEASER: This psalm concludes with another striking aspect, which I'll write about at the end of this post. Time … Continue reading Impatience inversion, Psalm 40

Measuring Days, Psalm 39

A bit over two years ago, I blogged on Psalm 39 under the title, "Carpe Diem!" That Latin phrase means, "Seize the day," which still seems an apt title. But in revisiting the psalm today, I'm struck by the ESV heading, "What Is the Measure of My Days?" In this personal lament that conveys the … Continue reading Measuring Days, Psalm 39

God will answer, Psalm 38

Okay, I admit it. I've avoided writing a meditation on this psalm. Psalm 38 isn't very cheerful or particularly inspiring. In fact, it's downright depressing. This psalm is a lament, the largest category of psalms. This particular lament is penitential, expressing sorrow for sin, but also contains striking descriptions of physical pain, personal persecution, and … Continue reading God will answer, Psalm 38

Dwelling in the Land, Psalm 37

As I've blogged my way through the Psalms, I've noticed over and over how God's promises are for the here and now as well as for the future. While Psalm 37 repeatedly assures believers that they will inherit the land and dwell in it forever (which seems to refer to our eternal future), it also … Continue reading Dwelling in the Land, Psalm 37

River of Delights, Psalm 36

Since I have a lot going on in my life right now, I'm not taking time to craft a new meditation on Psalm 36 today. Instead I'm posting a link to a brief reflection on some of the most beautiful images of the psalm, which I originally posted almost three years ago: Drinking from God's … Continue reading River of Delights, Psalm 36