Betrayal, Psalm 55

We trust friends and family members to protect us and promote our best interest. But sometimes the people we trust betray us. The psalms pulse with prayers for deliverance from persecution. Usually this comes from "enemies" or "wicked" men. But Psalm 55 describes the trauma of betrayal. Like many other psalms, it begins with a … Continue reading Betrayal, Psalm 55


Upheld life, Psalm 54

What problems plague you on this Monday morning? If you live in the Midwest, it's another bitterly cold and fiercely windy day. You can pretty much ignore it if you work inside. But nearly everyone has to drive to work in it and some people, like rural letter carriers and truck drivers, have to drive … Continue reading Upheld life, Psalm 54

None Who Does Good, Psalm 53

Most of us tend to think we're pretty good people. After all, we're not criminals or murderers. We're far superior to evil leaders like Hitler or Hussein. Truth is, we're all sinners. The Bible teaches that every person who ever lived and who ever will live, with the exception of Jesus Christ, is a sinner. … Continue reading None Who Does Good, Psalm 53

Olive tree, Psalm 52

Looking back on this past year, do you find it depressing to think about the tough times? Try focusing on how God got you through them. David knew persecution. He was God's anointed, the appointed successor to Saul. But he was continually on the run for his life. One of the most tragic episodes during … Continue reading Olive tree, Psalm 52

Clean heart, Psalm 51

King David wrote the well-known penitential Psalm 51 after the prophet Nathan confronted him with his sins involving Bathsheba and her husband, Uriah (whose death in battle he'd arranged). You can read the sad sequence of self-centered actions in 2 Samuel 11. Nathan's confrontation and the beginning of consequences are recorded in 2 Samuel 12. God's … Continue reading Clean heart, Psalm 51

Thanksgiving sacrifice, Psalm 50

Americans celebrated Thanksgiving last Thursday. Between sitting at a table bowed from the weight of turkey, cranberries, and pumpkin pie and sitting in front of a TV with a bloated belly, many Americans paused to consider the things for which they're thankful. Psalm 50 demonstrates that thanksgiving must be more than a few moments or … Continue reading Thanksgiving sacrifice, Psalm 50

Ransomed soul, Psalm 49

Americans are among the most wealthy people on earth. They're also the most indebted. If you're feeling overwhelmed by financial concerns, this psalm's for you. It begins with a call for all earth's inhabitants to listen to its wisdom: Hear this, all peoples!     Give ear, all inhabitants of the world, both low and high,     rich … Continue reading Ransomed soul, Psalm 49

God’s city, Psalm 48

The English Standard Version (ESV) titles Psalm 48: Zion, the City of Our God. You can read in 2 Samuel 5 the account of David's conquest of Zion and the establishment of his kingdom in Jerusalem. During David's reign, Zion came to mean the city of God. In David's day, worship of God centered in … Continue reading God’s city, Psalm 48

The King Reigns, Psalm 47

God is king and he reigns over all the earth. That's the message of Psalm 47. With references to Old Testament ceremony and ancient eastern pomp, it celebrates God's rule as the Most High King. Ascribed to the Sons of Korah, the psalm begins with praise imperatives (Psalm 47:1, ESV): Clap your hands, all peoples! … Continue reading The King Reigns, Psalm 47

“Facing the Fearsome” by Rev. Stephen Donovan

Rather than writing my own meditation today, I'm posting a link to a sermon on Psalm 46 preached by Rev. Stephen Donovan at Escondido United Reformed Church in Escondido, CA. He preached "Facing the Fearsome" on the last evening of 2012, when many people felt anxious about the coming year. Rev. Donovan's message is available at … Continue reading “Facing the Fearsome” by Rev. Stephen Donovan