Far from home, Psalm 43

Most scholars believe that Psalm 43 belongs with Psalm 42. In The Literary Study Bible ESV, editors Ryken and Ryken write: "The case is overwhelming that these two poems actually constitute a single worship psalm" (p. 792). They point out how the combined psalms express the longing of an exile to return to worship God in his … Continue reading Far from home, Psalm 43


Weeping in Exile, Psalm 137

Psalm 137 is a sad dirge that records the Israelites' lament in exile. They had been torn from their homes, their infants ripped from their arms; they had watched in horror as those homes were torched and those babies were dashed against stones. After that horrible trauma, their captors had the audacity to taunt them, asking … Continue reading Weeping in Exile, Psalm 137