Olive tree, Psalm 52

Looking back on this past year, do you find it depressing to think about the tough times? Try focusing on how God got you through them. David knew persecution. He was God's anointed, the appointed successor to Saul. But he was continually on the run for his life. One of the most tragic episodes during … Continue reading Olive tree, Psalm 52


Numbering Days, Psalm 90

A bit over two years ago, I blogged on Psalm 90 under the title "Our Dwelling Place" (you can read that post here). Because Psalm 90 seems particularly appropriate for the last day of the year, I decided to break from my regular schedule and blog on it again. But before I wrote today's entry, … Continue reading Numbering Days, Psalm 90

Steadfast love, Psalm 33

The English Standard Version (ESV) uses a term that I cherish: steadfast love. The King James (KJV) and New King James (NKJV) translate the same phrase as "goodness," while the American Standard Version (ASV) translates it as "lovingkindness" and the New International Version (NIV84) uses "unfailing love." Based on what I've heard from those who know … Continue reading Steadfast love, Psalm 33

His steadfast love endures forever, Psalm 136

No question about what title to choose for Psalm 136! The first line of every verses praises God for his wonderful works, while each second line in this antiphonal psalm proclaims, "for his steadfast love endures forever." We've used this psalm in the past as a litany at Thanksgiving gatherings. The leader reads initial lines and … Continue reading His steadfast love endures forever, Psalm 136