New Associate Pastor ordained at Pompton Plains

Pastor Rossi 1st benedictionOn Friday, November 8, 2013, Roberto Rossi was ordained and installed as Associate Pastor at Pompton Plains Reformed Bible Church (PPRBC) in Pompton Plains, NJ.

Rev. Rossi was born in New Haven, CT, but his family moved to the Chicago suburbs when he was very young. He grew up only ten minutes from Mid-America Reformed Seminary, but first attended Moody Bible Institute. After graduating from Moody, he and his wife and children moved to Ukraine, where they served as missionaries for two years before God called Rossi to pursue pastoral ministry in the Reformed churches.

“During my studies at Moody,” he says, “I’d heard about Mid-America Reformed Seminary and had made use of their library. But it wasn’t until I heard a Mid-America graduate preach that I decided to go there. The Seminary has a unique balance between solid Reformed theology/academics and pastoral care/counsel. These two strengths of the program become evident in the preaching and teaching of Mid-America graduates.”

Rossi graduated from Mid-America on May 16, 2013, and sustained his candidacy/ordination exam at Classis Eastern US on October 16, 2013.

Pompton Plains Senior Minister Rev. Kuiken explains that the search committee, elders, council, and “ultimately even the congregation” came to unanimous agreement that Mr. Rossi was “the man of God’s choosing” for their Associate Pastor. “And one of the primary reasons…why we felt so led is because…along with Brother Roberto’s possession of the graciously God-given gifts of strong preaching paired with a ‘tender shepherd’s heart’…Brother Rossi shares with us a great love for missions and burden for evangelism.” He additionally describes Mrs. Carrie Rossi as a “pastorally sensitive and spiritually gifted” pastor’s wife.

The Associate Pastor’s responsibilities at PPRBC consist of sharing with the Senior Pastor in all aspects of pastoral ministry, including teaching and preaching.

“It is my prayer and hope that our God would work mightily by His Spirit through the preaching and teaching of His Word,” says Rev. Rossi, “calling many to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ and building up the people of God.”

Laying of handsHe desires to be faithful to God’s Word and will in his calling at PPRBC. He also hopes the council and congregation will be “a prayerful people, diligently praying for one another” so that together they “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness” and that “God, by His Spirit and Word, would increase and strengthen our faith in Him, expressing itself through love for one another.”

Rev. Rossi says he is still in the process of “observing and understanding” community needs, but notes that substance abuse is “epidemic.”

“God has given me a deep concern and passion to evangelize and counsel these people with the love of our Savior Jesus Christ,” he says. “In the next few months, my elders and I will discuss ways in which we can reach out to them with the gospel by providing biblical counsel, Bible studies and accountability partners.”

He admits this type of ministry involves “getting our hands dirty,” but the mission of PPRBC is to “love people where they are and to disciple them to where Christ wants them to be.”

“May God grant us His grace to have the heart and mind of our Savior as we pursue various ministries so that His name would be proclaimed and glorified.”

The above article by Glenda Mathes appeared on pages 13 & 14 of the December 11, 2013, issue of Christian Renewal.


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