Watering Image

Art. Faith. Mystery. IMAGE explores the intersection of those fundamental concepts in ways that stretch imagination, foster creativity, and promote community.

Each issue of the IMAGE journal contains poetry, fiction, visual art, and interviews with artists. Publisher and editor Gregory Wolfe and the rest of the IMAGE folks host the popular Glen Workshop each year in East and West locations.

In fact, it’s not too late to register for Glen West, July 28-August 4 in Santa Fe, NM. The registration link in the previous sentence is still open. If you’ve ever considered attending the Glen Workshop, this might be your year. This might also be a good time to subscribe or donate to IMAGE.

You see, IMAGE needs a little financial help from its friends right now. Gregory Wolfe posted this (with the above IMAGE tree graphic) on Facebook on June 24:

Friends, we need your help. We only ask for financial support twice a year and, for reasons I’m not at liberty to discuss right now (because it pertains to a company we work with that is refusing to pay us), the need is real and urgent. Won’t you help keep the shade tree that is IMAGE watered? It’s hot and parched out there.
He concluded his post with the link for donations.

Yesterday I received a letter from IMAGE that explains the situation more fully, which I won’t get into since it involves legal matters, but I feel very comfortable asking readers to consider supporting IMAGE at this crucial time.

Please help water the IMAGE tree so Christians in all the arts can continue to shelter in its shade.


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