Drought relief

Temperatures in the Midwest cooled during the last week and especially the last couple of days. After the hottest July on record since the dust bowl days of 1936, the cooler and crisper weather has been a huge relief and definite blessing. We’ve also been blessed with a little rain. It’s too little, too late to save the corn crop, but some late-planted soybeans may benefit.

Extremely dry weather stresses crops and animals. It depletes ground water sources for humans. It reminds us that there are many things we cannot control, and pushes us–in growing dependence–closer to the Creator.

We need such reminders. We try to do everything on our own and control every outcome, but we finite creature need to learn to trust an infinite God.

When we release death grips on control and grasp dependent trust in God, we find rest for our drought weary souls.


2 thoughts on “Drought relief

  1. That’s such a relief to hear. When the TASC team was out here in West Sayville, we prayed every night for no rain on Long Island, and for rain in Michigan and Iowa. Being so far removed from the food production process myself, I realized how much I take for granted–especially when talking to people like the DeBruins who farm for a living.


    1. It is something you don’t think about unless you live in an agricultural area. The rain and cool temps were a wonderful break, but we need to keep praying for more rain for much the United States.
      Thanks for reading and responding, Michael!

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