URCNA Synod 2012-9: Pictures

The scenery during every walk to or from a meal declares God’s glory.

Remember the childhood excitement of “Picture Day”? Yesterday was picture day at Synod.

Immediately before lunch, the delegates stood in the auditorium for this group picture, which I took while standing in the balcony.

The campus is hilly and provides lots of excellent (several steep) slopes, but the problem was getting the photographer high enough in front of the group. Thanks to John Van Dyk, my editor at Christian Renewal, for coming up with this great strategy that allows viewers to see faces more clearly.

It was picture day in other ways for me. I enlisted the  assistance of Michael Kearney, who as a teenager is inherently more technology savvy than I am. Looking for away to post a photo stream of Synod pictures online, we set up a flicker account, but have experienced some problems making it visible to the public. We’re working on making it more accessible.

Because I focused too much on that, I fell behind in my regular reporting, so I’ll be working feverishly today to catch up.

In the meantime, here are more Synod pictures for your enjoyment.

Rev. Alan Strange brings fraternal greetings from the OPC
Nyack College has a lovely campus.

One thought on “URCNA Synod 2012-9: Pictures

  1. Thanks for the reposts, Glenda! have also been reading Michael Kearney’s post re: music as well as synod. Have to say, I am jealous! It has been 10 or 11 yrs since we have been at Synod and that I played the organ. Really miss playing for the meetings! It was always such an inspiration to hear the men sing. The picures are nice too, better right on your posts. Reita

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