URCNA Synod-5: Songbook (A)

The Synod of the United Reformed Churches in North America today accepted the invitation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church to work together toward the publication of a songbook to be used by both federations.

In God’s providence, the URCNA songbook committee has done a great deal of work on the hymn section of their proposed songbook, while the OPC has already completed work on the psalm portion. This combined effort will save a lot of time and effort for each federation.

Songbooks will contain the same songs, but will likely have different covers and federational forms in liturgical sections that are specfic to either the URCNA or the OPC.

After Synod acceded to the recommendation to accept the OPC’s offer, OPC Fraternal Delegate Rev. Alan Strange stood in a point of personal privilege to express his denomination’s great gratitude for the speedy and united adoption.


4 thoughts on “URCNA Synod-5: Songbook (A)

  1. The OPC has a history of putting together a songbook. The story of how they published the first Trinity Hymnal is an interesting one. It can be found in D.G. Hart’s recently published history of the OPC.

  2. Thanks for the information, Erik! Sounds like an interesting read. I believe I’ve already read Jack Sawyer’s chapter on the New Zealand experiment.

  3. Thanks, Glenda, for your interesting reporting! (As usual, I might add!) Forgive me for my apparent ignorance, but what happened to the songbook the URC was doing with the CanRC? Last I heard it seemed to be going downhill, but I haven’t heard of its demise. But whatever, I hope and pray that this seemingly promising development will be successful. Please keep us all apprised of the situation, OK? To God be the glory!

    1. Thanks for reading, Evan! The joint songbook with the CanRC fell by the wayside at Synod 2007 when the Songbook comitteee was redirected to focus on a book for our federation.

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