URCNA Synod-4: California, here we come!

Today Synod accepted the offer of Trinity United Reformed Church to host the next Synod. I vote that it be scheduled during January.

Michael Kearney, the youngest observer and official organist at Synod, chats with Dr. Cornel Venema, President of Mid-America Reformed Seminary

To liven up this post, I’m adding some pictures from the refreshment time last evening, sponsored by Mid-America Reformed Seminary, held after the prayer service.

I love it when the chairman of Synod says, “This is the motion before you,” pauses and says, “All those in favor say ‘yes,'” and the auditorium echoes with a unanimous “Yes.”

That was the case with the Trinty URC offer and other motions this evening when Synod reconvened after dinner. Synod unanimously approved the Stated Clerk’s report and supplemental report; it also thanked Bradd Nymeyer for his excellent work as Stated Clerk of the federation.

Revs. Keith Davis, Kevin Hossink, and John Vermeer

Synod wants to make clear to the churches that requests for funding that appear in a US newsletter do not automatically mean that a Canadian church can provide that support under Canadian charitable laws.

Some website matters that arose from the Clerk’s report were directed to the appropriate advisory committee. Synod also wishes to remind the churches to update their own information on the website on a regular basis, rather than asking the Stated Clerk to do so. Church clerks have the necessary passwords to update their congregational information; the Stated Clerk does not.

John Van Dyk (editor of Christian Renewal), Rev. Ralph Pontier and Rev. Ron Scheuers

Classis Clerks are required to inform both the webmaster and that Stated Clerk of any new congregations organized under CO, Art. 22 or provisionally accepted into membership under CO, Art. 32.

Synod received the convening consistory’s report and thanked them with a round of applause. Then Synod went into executive session, which is not open to non-delegates. I grabbed my laptop and a few other things before leaving the auditorium and walking to the next building in the rain.

It’s been a steady, although not hard, rain all day here. I was blessed to hitch a ride between buildings once and was able to get my rain jacket after that. Praying for a good night’s rest for all delegates and observers and speedy business tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “URCNA Synod-4: California, here we come!

  1. Thanks a lot, Glenda, for this update. I appreciate your time and effort in doing this for us who are not there but are really interested to know what’s going on at the Synod this year. Keep those updates coming.

  2. Maybe you have never been to Visalia in January. It can have cold fog that would sudder the bones of the warmest Reformed hearts.

  3. I’m sorry we had to run out before the reception – it would have been nice to be able to stay and socialize a little longer. But the long trip back to Long Island was ahead of us. Nice meeting you Glenda and thanks for posting the photo of Michael and Dr. Venema. Stay dry up there – another day of rain for both Nyack and LI today.

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