>I’m back!

>Yes, faithful readers, I’m back in blogging business!
My son installed a new motherboard in my desktop computer on Saturday and I’ve been scrambling to get caught up with my work since. Suffice it to say that on Monday I was finally able to begin layout on a newsletter that was due at the institution that day! I hope, the Lord willing, to send a PDF today, which is as late as it can get; it must be proofed there and corrections or changes made before it absolutely, positively must be at the printer on Monday.
My computer is working well, but two days before my motherboard fried, my monitor died (that was four days after the almost light fixture fiasco, about which I blogged).
Now I am working with my old CRT monitor that is about the size of a boat anchor, but has a miniscule screen.
Since it’s so heavy, it sits at an angle on my desk to be over some support. It has an annoying glitch of periodically “burping” in the bottom left corner. The small screen means that I must constantly scroll documents and work space up and down and from side to side in order to do my work. And I have to constantly scroll just to access the scroll bars! I’ve been in the office for less than an hour this morning and I already have a stiff neck.
But I’m not complaining (well, maybe a little) because I am very happy to have the software I need to do my work.
I hope to post more postive entries in the near future.
Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


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