Reaching out in Jersey City

  What do you know about Jersey City? It’s the second most heavily-populated city in New Jersey with an ethnic diversity befitting it as the home of Ellis Island. It’s also the location of a young URCNA church plant, Grace Reformed Church. When the work began meeting for worship on September 1, 2013, a core … Continue reading Reaching out in Jersey City


Jersey City plant to begin services

Grace Reformed Church of Jersey City, a church plant under the supervision of Messiah’s Reformed Fellowship, hoped to begin worship services on September 1, 2013. The group meets at 10:00 a.m. in the Culinary Conference Center of the Hudson County Community College, located at 161 Newkirk Street in Jersey City. Although Messiah’s Council originally determined … Continue reading Jersey City plant to begin services

Messiah’s ordains church planter for Jersey City

Ten years ago, Sam Perez was searching for something more evangelical than his Pentecostal tradition. Passing through broadly evangelical and then Reformed Baptist churches, he found his ecclesiastical home at Messiah’s Reformed Fellowship in New York City. “Listening to Christian radio everyday, I came across a gruffy, deep, booming voice that was preaching in a … Continue reading Messiah’s ordains church planter for Jersey City