Rev. Ronald Scheuers: epitome of servant leadership

The retirement of Rev. Ronald Scheuers may be his and his family’s gain, but it is certainly a loss within the URCNA. In decades of denominational conflict and as the new federation felt its way forward, Rev. Scheuers provided humble, servant leadership. “During the early, growing years of the URCNA as a fledgling federation, Rev. … Continue reading Rev. Ronald Scheuers: epitome of servant leadership


OPC 80th General Assembly: California dream

When the 80th General Assembly (GA) of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) met from June 5-8 in Moraga, CA, it was the first time in 23 years that the Assembly was held in California and the first time ever in northern California. Voting equipment detained due to a train derailment arrived just in time, but … Continue reading OPC 80th General Assembly: California dream

Sorting out the emeritation process

When a retiring minister moves to another location and begins attending a different church, there may be some confusion as to which church ought to be holding his ministerial credentials. Additionally, there exists within the URCNA a wide range of discrepancy in the practice of funding ministers’ retirement funds. One study committee brought its recommendations … Continue reading Sorting out the emeritation process

URCNA Synod 2012-13: Emeritation

Emeritation may seem an obscure word, but it simply has to do with retirement, and in the case of this year’s URCNA Synod, the retirement of ministers. Synod London 2010 formed a committee to study the issue and that committee brought its report to Synod Nyack 2012. The advisory committee made several editorial changes and … Continue reading URCNA Synod 2012-13: Emeritation