Already delivered, Psalm 54

In today’s culture of death, when evil men persecute Christians and sin remains deeply woven into society’s fabric, consider David’s pleas and praise in Psalm 54. As he so often does, David begins the psalm by begging God to hear his prayer: O God, save me by your name,     and vindicate me by your might. O … Continue reading Already delivered, Psalm 54


Howling dogs, Psalm 59

When one dog starts to howl, all the neighborhood dogs join in. If this happens late in the evening, roving coyotes may even begin howling. Psalm 59 brings that eerie chorus to mind by repeating an identical refrain. Verses 6 & 7 in the ESV say: Each evening they come back,    howling like dogs    and prowling about the city.There they … Continue reading Howling dogs, Psalm 59

Praise God! (Psalm 150)

The last psalm in the psalter rings with praise. It particularly emphasizes instrumental praise, and since it begins with a direct reference to God's sanctuary, it seems a powerful argument for using all kinds of instruments in worship. It begins with a call to praise God in worship and in the vast expanses of his creation … Continue reading Praise God! (Psalm 150)

Creation’s Praise, Psalm 148

If you're familiar with the blue Psalter Hymnal, published by the Board of Publications of Christian Reformed Church in 1976, you may well know and love #304, "Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah," which is based on Psalm 148. The song's rousing refrain contains antiphonal singing between the men's and women's parts. You may be able to listen … Continue reading Creation’s Praise, Psalm 148