Synod adopts “Doctrinal Commitment” affirmations

In response to an overture, Synod Schererville 2007 appointed a study committee to report on the level of doctrinal commitment necessary for membership in the URCNA. That committee brought an evenly divided report to Synod London 2010, which accepted neither opinion, but asked the committee to come back to the next synod with a new … Continue reading Synod adopts “Doctrinal Commitment” affirmations


URCNA Synod 2012-12: Doctrinal Commitment

Members of the study committee on Doctrinal Commitment were evenly divided on the issue when the committee reported to Synod 2010 in London and were directed to come back this year with another report. They did. And Synod Nyack 2012 pretty much liked it. The recommendations from the advisory committee underwent some editorial changes, but … Continue reading URCNA Synod 2012-12: Doctrinal Commitment