Complaint, Psalm 64

In the Literary Study Bible's introduction to Psalm 64, editors Leland Ryken and Philip Graham Ryken call it the "prototypical" lament psalm, the "specimen in which the conventional elements stand out highlighted" with "vivid poetic texture and memorable imagery" (p. 815). An awareness of this psalm's lament construction and literary techniques helps us derive more meaning from David's "complaint" … Continue reading Complaint, Psalm 64


Poured out complaint, Psalm 142

While David was hiding in a cave, he poured out his heart in this lament to God. Most of us become uncomfortable when praying aloud, but David emphasizes that this prayer is vocalized. With my voice I cry out to the LORD;    with my voice I plead for mercy to the LORD. I pour out … Continue reading Poured out complaint, Psalm 142