Finding Faithfulness: A Year of Reading and Reflecting on God’s Word stands apart from many devotionals and reading plans due to its viable schedule, unique presentation, and meaningful participation. Shorter readings one day each week allow flexibility for catching up and further reflection. Entries present appropriate texts for holidays and frequently pair related passages. Seven Reflection Recommendations shape a devotional rhythm to increase contemplation and generate application. Readers who have gone through the Bible often will find this approach fresh and meaningful. Those attempting to read the entire Bible will find it engaging and will maintain momentum through the year. As readers foster personal faithfulness in reflective meditation and godly living, they’ll discover God’s amazing faithfulness.

Finding Faithfulness is a one-of-a-kind yearly devotional guide that combines simplicity with viability. Each entry lists seven suggestions on an easy-to-read page that invites participation. The approach is inductive, as readers are encouraged to actually read the Bible and discover its meaning and personal application. The book’s careful orchestration begets confidence that reading the entire Bible in a year is not simply a possibility but also an inviting prospect. After reading the opening pages, I felt that I had just been offered the deal of a lifetime.

Leland Ryken, who has published some twenty books on the Bible, including Ryken’s Bible Handbook and the Literary Study Bible.

Our setting every morning is, ‘Git ‘er done.’  But what a wonderful alternative to start the day with what God has done—and what he’s promised to do—to fulfill his promises to us in Christ!

Michael Horton, Professor, Westminster Seminary California and editor-in-chief at Sola Media

Though people often look for a quick fix to their problems, the most enduring solutions are the good habits we build into the rhythm of each day and repeat throughout our lives. This book offers help in the best of habits: daily prayer and meditation on God’s Word. Glenda Faye Mathes leads the reader into a daily rhythm of resting, requesting, reading, reflecting, responding, resolving, and reaching—all done by faith in the Word of God.

Dr. Joel and Mary Beeke, Joel Beeke is president of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and a pastor of the Heritage Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mary Beeke serves as his helpmeet. Both are authors.

The English Reformer, Thomas Cranmer, once observed, “There is nothing that so much strengthens our faith and trust in God … as continual reading and recording of God’s word.” Glenda Faye Mathes’ Finding Faithfulness provides Christian believers with an outstanding contemporary resource to aid them in cultivating such a practice. In an age marked by many distractions and temptations to do otherwise, Mathes offers a creative and stimulating program for daily reading and meditating upon the riches of God’s Word.

Dr. Cornel Venema, President and Professor of Doctrinal Studies at Mid-America Reformed Seminary

Finding Faithfulness: A Year of Reading and Reflecting on God’s Word can be purchased directly from the publisher, Reformed Fellowship or from Reformation Heritage Books.