Does “loving law” sound like an oxymoron, like two things that don’t belong together? Christians today often don’t care to read about law because they prefer to revel in gospel and grace. Yet the Bible clearly links law with love, a connection especially repeated in Psalm 119.

In these insightful reflections, Mathes sheds light on this long psalm that frequently receives short shrift. Exploring it and several other passages, the author helps readers discover the delight of God’s Word, written and living, and rejoice in loving His law.

This collection of meditations on loving God’s law by Glenda Mathes is a jewel. Mathes’s primary aim is to encourage her readers to discover delight in God’s law and commandments, especially as this is expressed in Psalm 119. She fulfills this aim admirably in a series of brief meditations, each of which brims with helpful insights into the riches of the good gift of God’s holy law. While Mathes observes that loving law clashes in modern ears like crashing cymbals, her meditations invite the reader to joy in God and His good commandments.

Dr. Cornelis Venema, president and professor of doctrinal studies, Mid-America Reformed Seminary

Discovering Delight focuses on a timely subject, the relationship a Christian has with God’s law, in an accessible way. If you like the idea of daily devotionals but wish they went a little deeper, this is the book for you. Glenda Mathes offers a commendable style of commentary-meets-personal-devotional. She provides the context, meaning, and personal application of Scripture that will lead the reader to greater pleasure and true joy in God’s law.

Aimee Byrd, author of Housewife Theologian and cohost of the Mortification of Spin podcast

The thirty-one meditations with thought-provoking questions are ideal for personal devotions or group Bible study.

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