Local Book Launch

MMAFasten your seat belts! Books 2 & 3 of my Matthew in the Middle series will officially launch this afternoon at 5-4-3-2-1 PM.

Patricia, whose melodious voice and godly spirit warm listeners’ hearts, plans to interview me at 1:00 CT today on KCWN 99.9, where hope shines. If you’re out of range of the station’s reach, you can listen live on the website.

on air
General Manager Bev De Vries took this picture through the production room window while Patricia and I were on the air on December 19, 2014.

Having grown up as a pastor’s daughter, Patricia feels as affinity for my book boy, Matthew. After she read Matthew Muddles Through, she said it seemed like I must have been in her childhood home. She interviewed me about that first book of the Matthew in the Middle series last December (you can read about that day here.)

Matthew Makes Strides and Matthew Moves Aheadthe second and third books of the Matthew in the Middle series, are far more exciting, so I’m eager to hear what Patricia thinks of them. Tune in at 1 PM today to find out!

Local people, send all your friends and relatives over to the station at 304 Oskaloosa St in Pella to get signed copies of these and my other published books. Thanks for supporting this official launch and helping place quality literature into the hands of middle grade readers!

If you or your children have already read the books, what are some things you enjoy about the stories?



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