Matthew has moved ahead

My book boy Matthew has moved into his final phase. He’ll leap only a few more hurdles before crossing the finish line.

Matthew Moves Ahead is the third and last novel of the Matthew in the Middle series. My wonderful online critique group reviewed all the chapters in it, and I’m finalizing end matter prior to submitting it to the proofreader. I’m seeking endorsements. The artist is working on the cover. I hope hard copies will be published this summer, perhaps in July.

The first two books in the series, Matthew Muddles Through and Matthew Makes Strides, are already available on Amazon, and I’m excited for the third one to join them. Writing this series has been quite a process, with Matthew sometimes sidelined for long periods of time. (You can read more about that here and here.) I recently took some time to reflect on how my book boy was born.

Several young boys (and some girls!) have asked about this final Matthew book, and I’m eager for them to hold it in their hands and turn the pages.

Here’s hoping Matthew clears those hurdles and soon rejoices in the winner’s circle!


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