Language ministry to East Indians

Photo from True Path to Godliness website

True Path to God is a unique language ministry making it possible to reach out to East Indians in local neighborhoods and around the world. And Dr. Kuldip Singh Gangar is uniquely qualified to head up this ministry.

Dr. Kuldip Gangar was born in India, immigrated to England when he was nine, and became a Christian when he was 16. He was educated in England and taught college level courses, including Comparative Religions in Leicester prior to attending Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.

After 20 years of pastoral ministry in the United States, Dr. Gangar became involved with East Indian conferences, frequently invited to speak. The Punjabi his parents had always spoken at home because useful to him, and he began to feel God’s calling to language ministry. Visits to India in 2004 and 2011 convinced him of the need for Reformed literature in Punjabi and other Indian languages.

“I found there was very little of Reformed literature in Punjabi,” he said. “People implored me to write for East Indian people.”

The 2011 Synod of the Free Reformed Churches of North America (FRC) approved this ministry and the FRC of Calgary (Alberta) soon called Dr. Gangar and oversees his work.

The True Path to God ministry functions under the direction of the FRC Home Missions Committee with the support of its Outreach Committee. The ministry’s purpose is to reach East Indian people, especially the large populations of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Buddhists living in North America.

“I am not translating any current works written by western authors, as many have done that already. I am producing literature that would take into consideration their culture and religion,” explains Dr. Gangar. “I am praying that the churches in North America will see the opportunity that has been placed before them, as these people are at our doorstep. I am pleading with Reformed churches to use this literature to spread the gospel.”

Dr. Gangar has prepared a devotional commentary on the Gospel of Matthew, with a commentary on Genesis 1-11 expected in the spring of 2015. The following eight booklets are now available in Punjabi:

  • What is God?
  • What is God like?
  • Creation and Man’s Place in the World
  • The Greatest Opportunity: The Covenant of Works
  • The Greatest Catastrophe: The Fall
  • Jesus the Only Savior of Mankind
  • Jesus is God and
  • Saved by Grace Alone.

These booklets are also being translated into Hindi, Urdu, and Nepali. The commentary and booklets are available for free download or order at the ministry website.

“These booklets could be used also with Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons who come to our doors,” adds Dr. Gangar. He suggests using Jesus the Only Savior of Mankind to hand to Mormons and Jesus is God for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

“If any Reformed churches have a significant East Indian population near them, I would love the opportunity to come and share with them how they can reach them for the gospel,” Dr. Gangar said. “We need to understand our neighbors and their religious beliefs. Even churches that do not have East Indians near them need to be prepared, as our population is diverse.”

Dr. Gangar can be reached via the contact page at the True Path to God website. Please include the church address, pastor’s name, and a contact phone number.

“I can see looking back how the Lord was preparing me for this special task right from my birth in the Punjab,” he said. “May the Lord be pleased to draw many to Himself by these writings. Please share our website with your friends and help us to bring the gospel to the whole of India and Indians around the world.”

The above article by Glenda Mathes appeared on page 10 of the January 14, 2015, issue of Christian Renewal.


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