Extraordinary Endorsement

It’s a wonderful Wednesday because I just received this extraordinary endorsement for my upcoming middle reader novel, Matthew Makes Strides:

Glenda Mathes writes with energy and intentionality. When she writes about a coming tornado, it feels so real, I start glancing nervously out the window. Young people will feel like the author knows them, is inside their heads, so intimate is her knowledge of her readers. This is a frank and honest portrayal of growing up a preacher’s kid, but one that speaks to the extraordinary struggles and challenges of ordinary growing up. Highly recommended.
~ Douglas Bond, author of Duncan’s War and many other works of historical fiction

This endorsement means a great deal to me, especially since Douglas Bond is an interesting blogger and writes exciting novels that appeal to readers of all ages. You can check out Duncan’s War and his many other books at his website.

Douglas Bond in Scotland (photo from his Facebook page)
Douglas Bond in Scotland
(photo from his Facebook page)

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