Faithful friends


My friend, Susan, and her husband, Gary, regularly bicycle with a group of friends. They call themselves the OOFPAs, which may sound like a Greek drinking salute but actually stands for Ornery Old Folks Peddling Along.

A biking club of faithful friends sounds like a hoot, but these folks do more than peddle around together. They also study the Bible together. And they pray together.

Susan frequently shares with them my progress or struggles with writing projects, and they pray for me. What an amazing friend she is! That’s going above and beyond the usual friendship call of duty. But Susan’s done even more than that for me.

When she and Gary invited the OOFPAs to their home for a New Year’s Eve party, she gave each couple a gift: a copy of my newest devotional, Discovering Delight. Susan truly is an amazing friend. She understands how much authors need support and encouragement.

She understands that because she is an author and an extraordinary storyteller. Her story about The Atonement of Emily Adams will tug your heartstrings and lead you to assess your own relationships as well as the way you live your faith.

Need an additional reason to buy her book? All author proceeds go to Pour International to help build a home for abandoned babies in Swaziland. That demonstrates the genuine character of Susan’s love for God and others.

On this wonderful Wednesday, I’m thanking God for faithful friends like Susan.


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