Writing book reviews

A few months ago, I blogged about how to Support Your Author Friends. One of the suggestions I mentioned was to review their books.

Elaine Marie Cooper
Elaine Marie Cooper

My new Word Weaver friend, Elaine Marie Cooper, recently posted this entertaining article about How to Write a Helpful Book Review (or How to Keep an Author from Crying). She provides humorous and illustrative “do” and “don’t” examples related to an imaginary book she makes sound so appealing I’d like to read it.

Elaine’s recently released Fields of the Fatherless is available in Kindle and paperback formats at Kindle. This moving story from a young woman’s point of view tells a fictionalized version of historical events surrounding a little-known battle at the beginning of the American Revolution.

I’m thankful for every review people post about my books. I’ve received some incredibly humbling ones in magazines and online. But I’d certainly appreciate more. If you’ve been blessed by my devotional, A Month of Sundays: 31 Meditations on Resting in God, would you take a moment to head over to its Amazon page and post a review? Many people have personally expressed appreciation for Little One Lost: Living with Early Infant Loss. If you’ve found it helpful, would you consider sharing that in a review? You don’t have to be a writer or a publishing professional. Any reader can post a review.

It’s easy to do. Simply state the name of the book and author and relate why you liked it or how it helped you. You don’t have to write a long review; in fact, shorter is better. A review as brief as twenty-five words can pack a powerful punch. On Amazon, you also have the opportunity to rate the book by giving it from one to five stars (five stars being best). 

If you’d like a better idea of how to write a review, check out Elaine’s post for helpful suggestions.

I encourage you to post reviews of all the books you appreciate. Your authors friends will thank you for it!


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