Bittersweet beginning in Boise

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When Classis Pacific Northwest of the URCNA met on April 16, 2013, it salvaged a difficult situation by concurring that a church plant in Boise, ID, was the best solution.

As reported earlier in Christian Renewal, the October 2012 meeting of Classis had encouraged Cloverdale URC in Boise, ID, and its pastor, Rev. Jonathan Van Hoogen to attempt to work with church visitors toward reconciliation rather than pursue an Article 11 dissolution.

At the April 16 meeting, it was reported that those attempts had been unsuccessful and church visitors had agreed the situation seemed irreconcilable. A group of approximately 40 members of Cloverdale had expressed the desire to start a church plant, which the Cloverdale consistory had approved.

After an extended time in executive session, Classis PNW concurred that the new group, known as Dayspring Reformed Mission, should proceed under the oversight of New Covenant URC in Twin Falls, ID, as recommended by the church visitors and the consistory of New Covenant.

In a brief public report following executive session, Rev. Christopher Folkerts (New Covenant) reported that both the consistory of Cloverdale URC and the men of Dayspring Reformed Mission had confessed their sins and failure as well as a desire for reconciliation and peace.

According to Rev. Kevin Efflandt, Clerk of Classis PNW, Rev. Van Hoogen has been providing pulpit supply for the Dayspring group.

In addition to dealing with this difficult issue, Classis conducted a number of routine business matters at its April 16 meeting. Several pastors reported on visits to churches as well as on the work of CECCA, the Psalter Hymnal Committee, the URCNA Missions committee, and the classical Church Assistance Fund. Elder Doug Field was appointed as the new classis representative on CECCA, with Rev. Mark Stewart as the alternate.

The April 16 meeting of Classis PNW was held in Nampa. ID, and convened by the URC of Nampa. Rev. Angela Contreras served as Chairman and Rev. David Thommen as Vice-Chairman.

The next Classis meeting was set for October 8 & 9, 2013, in Ripon, CA.

The above article by Glenda Mathes is a slightly expanded version of the article that appeared on page 11 of the May 22, 2013, issue of Christian Renewal.

ADDENDUM: It’s been brought to my attention that this article may convey some inaccurate perceptions. I hope to write and post a more complete and accurate account soon. (Added August 1, 2013 by Glenda Mathes).


One thought on “Bittersweet beginning in Boise

  1. Hi Glenda,

    Thanks for posting this article. I had the opportunity to preach on two Lord’s Days at Cloverdale URC last December. I met many wonderful people there, even a couple I knew from Escondido. But I was saddened about the situation there. I’m glad that God has worked things out for the good of his people there.


    P.S. The picture in your article is one of the sights my wife and I visited when we were there. It was also the week before Christmas that we were there, and we both loved it.

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