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On Friday I wrote about how I’ve been “doubling time” lately. Even though many regular readers of this blog frequently express their appreciation for the meditations, my doubling time schedule has kept me from posting a new one for several weeks. Some major life events are past, but I still have some huge concerns and big deadlines.

If that sounds like an excuse for not writing a new meditation to post today, it is. I’m working on a devotional manuscript that takes priority over blogging meditations for right now.

But this Meditation Monday provides a good opportunity for me to share one of my favorite websites: Bible Gateway. This wonderful site provides text or keyword searches as well as a host of supporting resources. I especially appreciate the variety of Bible Reading Plans the site offers. If you go to the previous link, you can choose from eleven different plans, one of which should suit your schedule and preference.

For over six months, I’ve benefited from the Book of Common Prayer reading plan. The scripture texts usually seem to be grouped around a common theme, and I can’t tell you how many times the daily reading has spoken directly to something weighing on my mind.

Today’s reading seems perfectly appropriate for some of the things going in my life and the lives of those I love.

Check out Bible Gateway! Be encouraged by the Verse of the Day or explore the variety of resources. You may even want to subscribe to one of the terrific Bible reading plans.


2 thoughts on “Bible Gateway

  1. I love Bible Gateway as well! It’s a fantastic tool when I’m online in the middle of writing something. I’ve been using it for quite some time and I only discovered the commentary resources a month or two ago. I love your blog as well. Really good, interesting stuff. My wife and I (and our three young boys) attend Bethel URC in Jenison, Michigan. Have a great day and thanks for all the good stuff!

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