Supplemental fiction

After getting past some big deadlines, including a couple of speaking engagements, I designated today for a full day dedicated to writing fiction. I intended to write only fiction, nothing but fiction, all day. It’s over three hours since I first entered the office and I’ve yet to write one word of fiction. I’d hoped for Fiction Friday on steroids, but apparently it will be more like Fiction Friday on vitamin supplements.

Come to think of it, supplemental is a pretty accurate descriptor for my fiction writing. It’s not my primary focus; I spend most of my time meeting writing deadlines for nonfiction work. Mind you, I’m not complaining! I get paid for most of that work and there are aspects about it that I really enjoy. But one thing that really pushes fiction forward is focus.

And I simply am not able to give my fiction continual focus. I work on it in bits and pieces, here and there. Sometimes weeks or even months slip by without me even opening my current WIP (Work In Progress). When I  finally do get back to it, it’s takes a lot of time reviewing the story to get back into it. It isn’t possible to pick up exactly where I’ve left off; I first have to get back to that point. It’s kind of like neglecting to take your vitamins.

If I gave this more thought, I’m sure I could come up with more related analogies, but I’d really like to work on fiction today. I don’t want today to become Fiction Friday on sedatives.


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