A Month of Sundays in print!

My publisher, Reformation Heritage Books, reports that printed copies of my devotional, A Month of Sundays: 31 Meditations on Resting in Godarrived yesterday!

You can order it here from Reformation Heritage Books for only $7.50!

You can also order it here from Amazon for $10.

Publisher’s Product Description

In today’s hectic and distressing world, demands and distractions agitate our spirits. Disasters trigger anxiety. Diseases generate pain. Despair creeps into our hearts. These influences displace our peace and keep us from resting daily in Christ and His Word. How can we recapture the concept of daily rest?

In A Month of Sundays: 31 Meditations for Daily Rest, author Glenda Mathes encourages us to pause our spinning thoughts and calm our fluctuating feelings as she helps us to see that we must be true Sabbath keepers, understanding that God has called us to develop daily the attitudes of worship and rest we enjoy on Sunday. With a recommended Scripture reading, a focus verse (or verses), a meditation, and questions aimed at stimulating personal reflection, each devotion guides us to experience a “month of Sundays,” as we experience a greater enjoyment of God’s gift of daily rest while we anticipate His guarantee of eternal rest.


Glenda Mathes has written an uplifting series of meditations on the subject of rest for the weary.  Starting with the premise of sabbath rest as a model for how God wishes his children to live, Glenda weaves a wide-ranging tapestry of how Christians can follow God’s mandate to rest in him both now and eternally.  The book is filled with great texts from the Bible, accompanied by interspersed quotations from the Heidelberg Catechism and personal reflections and recollections of the author.  This is a great book for all who labor and are heavy laden, and who want to obey God’s command to rest.  People for whom Sunday observance is important, as well as those who love the Heidelberg Catechism, will especially resonate with this book.

Leland Rykenprofessor of English, Wheaton College

‘Rest’ is a topic often overlooked in our hectic schedules, but Glenda Mathes shows it is essential to a Christian life. Not as another thing ‘to do,’ but as part of our calling. A Month of Sundays invites us to overcome our distractions and fears and seek the one true source of rest, Christ Himself.

Janie B. Cheaneycolumnist for WORLD Magazine, and a contributing editor at RedeemedReader.com

My perspective on promotion and marketing is based on this concluding question and answer from my 2006 Christian Renewal  interview with Larry Woiwode:

Glenda Mathes – 

What can Christians and churches do to support and promote the creative expressions of artists who have a biblical worldview?

Larry Woiwode – 

The answer to that’s simple. Buy their work. Encourage others in the Church and the larger community to buy their work. When a plumber does work, you expect a bill. Writers for some reason are supposed to do almost everything for free. The only aspect of the material world that is absolutely free, however, is the invitation to enter the supernatural world of God through Jesus in the Gospel.


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