Keeping the website accurate and up-to-date

Revs. Keith Davis, Kevin Hossink, and John Vermeer

Gary Fisher was reappointed as the URCNA webmaster. The Website Oversight Committee was asked to develop documents detailing his duties as well as guidelines for posting material to the site. The consistory of Grace URC in Waupun will continue to oversee the Website Oversight Committee until the next synod.

Synod reminded the churches to update their own information on the website on a regular basis, rather than asking the Stated Clerk to do so. The churches have the capability to do this, while the Stated Clerk does not.

Delegates were also reminded that Classis Clerks are required to inform both the webmaster and the Stated Clerk of any new congregations organized under CO, Art. 22 or provisionally accepted into membership under CO, Art. 32.

John Van Dyk (editor of Christian Renewal) with Revs. Ralph Pontier and Ron Scheuers

The matter of posting reading sermons on the website was not adopted by Synod. Delegates agreed with the advisory committee’s grounds, which deemed this unnecessary. Recognizing the need of vacant churches, however, lists are being compiled of ministers willing to post sermons online or send sermons to churches when requested.

The above article by Glenda Mathes appeared on page 16 of July 11, 2012 issue of Christian Renewal. 

Pictures were taken by Glenda Mathes during a social time, sponsored by Mid-America Reformed Seminary, following Monday evening’s worship service.


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