Radio interview

On this wonderful Wednesday, I’m rejoicing in a great interview experience for my friend, Yvonne Anderson, who blogs over at Y’s Words.

She was interviewed by Evelyn Nikkel at KCWN 99.9 FM this morning about the first novel in her “Gateway to Gannah” series, The Story in the Stars.

Yvonne really didn’t have to do a lot of talking since Evelyn was excited about the novel and heavily promoted it. What a rush!

Too bad we don’t have more books on hand for tomorrow’s signing! It will be first come, first to go home with an autographed novel.

Thursday following the afternoon parade at Branches Christian Bookstore. Get there immediately after the parade if you want a copy!


3 thoughts on “Radio interview

  1. No problem! It’s too bad that Long Island is a bit too far away from Iowa for me to go to that parade tomorrow…it sounds like it’ll be lots of fun!


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