Written in the Stars, Book review

Book Review: The Story in the Stars by Yvonne Anderson

Risen Books, paperback; 281 pages; © 2011

Reviewed by Glenda Mathes


Yvonne Anderson treads new ground, or better, flies through uncharted space in The Story in the Stars, the first novel of her “Gateway to Gannah” series.

Labeled speculative fiction for its fantasy elements and sci-fi since it contains space travel, the novel transcends traditional boundaries for those genres and soars light years beyond contemporary Christian fiction.

Anderson engages the reader from the first page of this engrossing tale about a verdant planet’s dying race and the conflict between the lone survivor and her reluctant rescuer. Plenty of action and excellent writing propel the reader through vivid scenes to the novel’s satisfying conclusion.  

Launching from the intriguing premise that the gospel story is written in the stars, Anderson fuels her fascinating narrative with subtle messages about providence and redemption.

The Story in the Stars is a fun read for believers bored with traditional Christian fiction as well as a great gift for reading friends who need to discover the greatest story ever told.


The Story in the Stars is available from Amazon in paperback or Kindle editions and is available from Barnes & Noble in paperback or Nook formats. Or purchase your author autographed copy at Branches (which is beside the bakeries) in Pella on May 3!


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