Ordination in London, Ontario’s URC

Pastor Steve Williamson was ordained to the gospel ministry at Cornerstone United Reformed Church of London, ON, on December 2, 2011. The service took place at 7:30 p.m. at Chalmers Presbyterian Church in London.

Pastor Williamson’s father-in-law, Rev. Martin Vogel of Covenant Christian Church in Wyoming, ON (URCNA), preached from Ezekiel 34 under the title, “Servant of the true Shepherd.”

In a summary of Rev. Vogel’s sermon, Cornerstone member Theresa Schilthuis wrote that in Ezekiel 34 and Psalm 23 “Christ is exalted as our ultimate Shepherd” who lovingly “leads, feeds, seeks, and binds up His sheep.”

“Ezekiel rebuked Israel’s leaders who sought their own gain, leaving the people scattered and confused,” her summary continued. “Similarly, some pastors today seek their own position and pleasure rather than pursuing their true calling to imitate Christ.”

Ms. Schilthuis wrote that Pastor Vogel challenged Cornerstone’s new minister “to imitate the Good Shepherd” as a “faithful, loving leader” who points the people to Christ. He stressed the primacy of God’s Word and the need for “wrestling with, studying, and praying over” it while “showing the supremacy of Christ” in all things.

She concluded her summary by relating that the “congregation was also challenged to heed the call of their new pastor, who is in their midst to lead them to the Lord, and to uphold him in prayer. Together, as shepherd and sheep, they are to grow up into Christ, their Head, eagerly awaiting the glorious day when Christ returns for His sheep.”

Rev. William Van Hal (Emeritus, Cornerstone URC) led the congregational prayer. Rev. Ken Anema of Messiah’s Independent Reformed Church in Holland, MI, a mentor and long-time friend of Rev. Williamson, gave the charge to the pastor. Rev. Mitch Persaud, Cornerstone’s missionary and minister at New Horizon Church in Scarborough, ON, gave the charge to the church. The newly-ordained Rev. Williamson delivered the benediction.

Cornerstone’s Council Chairman Larry DeKoter extended greetings. Representatives from seven denominations were present to extend greetings as well: Rev. J. Hamstra (ARP), Rev. R. Bredenhof (CanRef), Elder B. Ubbens (CRC), Rev. J. Overduin (FRC), Rev. J. Ferguson (OPC), Rev. C. Vandyken (OCRC), and Rev. H. Zekveld (URCNA).

Rev. Steve Williamson is from Toronto and is a 2011 graduate of Mid-America Reformed Seminary. He and his wife, Amy, have two children (Sierra and Isaiah) and are expecting their third.

“We are excited to serve the Lord in the city of London,” says Rev. Williamson. “We are convinced that the Lord our God is with us, to guide us and uphold us. That knowledge gives us great peace and courage. The flock is warm and welcoming, and Amy and I are looking forward to growing together with them! May Christ be exalted as the nations are gathered in.”

The above article by Glenda Mathes appeared on page 29 of the December 28, 2011, issue of Christian Renewal.


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