Wonderful Wednesday-Vacation Day

It’s “Wonderful Wednesday” here at Cottonwood Hollow. To help organize my blogging, I’m structuring each weekday around different themes. I intend to focus on something wonderful each Wednesday.

This wonderful thing could be something about which I wonder. Or it could be something that fills me with wonder. We will see where the Lord leads.

The most wonderful thing in my life recently was last Saturday, when David and I took a long overdue day of vacation. We’ve been busy all summer and haven’t had a vacation for a long time, so it truly was wonderful to take a day trip to view fall color along the Mississippi.

We drove beside lots of limestone cliffs.

We’d love to take a two-day cruise on the Twilight out of LeClaire.

We stopped often to take in wide river vistas.

We visited Crystal Lake Cave.

We crossed the Dubuque bridge into Wisconsin and returned to Iowa on the Cassville Ferry.

River towns dotted our route.

The sun glowed on colorful leaves.

The colors were gold, green, orange, and rust with bright splashes of scarlet sumac and Virginia creeper.

It was a great day for which we’re very thankful!


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