A few days ago, I was surprised to see these beautiful lilies outside my office window. While its scientific name is Lycoris squamigera, the plant is known as “Surprise Lily” or “Magic Lily” or even “Resurrection Lily.” It has earned its nicknames because the leaves die down in late spring, usually disappearing in May. After months with no external sign of the plant, bare stalks suddenly shoot up in August and burst into these striking blooms.

After seeing the blooms outside my office, I noticed more Surprise Lilies. This clump was near the south end of the bank of flowers (and weeds) on the west side of our front yard.

I found this horizontal grouping about ten feet to the right of the first group.

About another ten feet to the right, I found these.

Almost hidden at the back of bank, I saw these blooms catching the morning sun.

And along a small ravine spanned by a little wooden bridge are these lovely lilies.

I know that this type of lily exists and that we have planted some in our yard, but I am always surprised when they bloom.

My surprise demonstrates the short-term memory of my human nature. I know that God exists and I know that he is good, yet I am always surprised when I see his beauty bloom in life’s dry seasons.

Being surprised by beautiful blooms is a good reminder that God surprises us with blessing and beauty when we least expect it. Thinking about the name “Resurrection Lily” fills me with praise and thanksgiving for God’s great gift of salvation through Christ.

May our resurrected Savior bring surprising blooms of blessing into your life today!


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