Parkland South organizes, calls pastor

Front, L to R: Evert Van de Pol, Garth Pol, Jason Vanderwoerd, Jeff Van Olst, Wietse Jagersma, Kevin Tolsma. Back, L to R: Wim Schakel, Dyron Provost

Parkland South, a daughter church of Parkland Reformed Church in Ponoka, AB, has officially organized with eight officebearers and has called a pastor.

The members of Parkland South met on April 21, under the supervision of elders from Parkland Reformed Church, to elect five elders and three deacons. They also voted to extend a call to Rev. Barry Beukema of the United Reformed Church of Thunder Bay, ON.

The five elders and three deacons were installed at a May 1 service led by Rev. Mitch Ramkissoon of Parkland Reformed Church. Mr. Simon Lievaart, a ministerial candidate who has been assisting with both Parkland congregations, writes that some of the newly installed officebearers “had just come off a partial term” in Parkland, which “will bring continuity to the body.”

While Rev. Beukema considered the call to minister to Parkland South’s 40 families, he visited the congregation and preached on May 8.

“This was the first opportunity for most in the congregation to meet Rev. Beukema, and they recognized and appreciated his personality, gifts and Christian character,” writes Mr. Lievaart. “The congregation was filled with joy and gratitude to God when they received the news a week later that Rev. Beukema had accepted the call.”

Rev. Mitch Ramkissoon

Rev. Ramkissoon reports, “There are still a number of things being worked out as the new Council begins to look at times, location, and an installation ceremony for Rev. Beukema. At this time they still meet at 10:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. each Lord’s Day.”

Those services continue to be held at the Lacombe Memorial Centre (5214 50th Ave) in Lacombe, AB, which has been the group’s temporary location since beginning worship on January 3, 2010.

“The fellowship and interaction between the two congregations is treasured,” Mr. Lievaart writes. “We pray that the Lord will continue to sustain and bless His church, that He may be glorified.”


The above article by Glenda Mathes appeared on page 11 of the June 8, 2011, issue of Christian Renewal.


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