URCNA Classis Central US ponders and prays

As with the previous meeting of Classis Central of the URCNA, its meeting on April 11-12, 2011 at Covenant Reformed Church in Pella was primarily held in executive session and was characterized by prayer. The meeting included a candidacy examination and several weighty pastoral issues.

Classis concurred with the consistory of Covenant Reformed Church that Mr. Aaron Verhoef had sustained all but one area of his examination. He has up to 13 months to be re-examined in that area.

Several churches requested advice from the body on disciplinary and pastoral issues. Difficult membership issues faced by one consistory are being considered by all consistories in order to offer further advice in the future. Classic encouraged the consistory of Immanuel URC in DeMotte to continue its study regarding “Two Kingdoms” theology and report its findings at a later date.

Two congregations within Classis Central US face unique challenges that call for continued prayer.

The consistory of Covenant Reformed Church reported that the situation following the deposition of its minister has been challenging, but that the Lord has blessed the congregation with unity and the ministry of interim pastor, Rev. Andrew Cammenga, scheduled to remain through mid-May. The Clerk of Classis was instructed to assist the Covenant consistory in securing pulpit supply.

Pulpit supply has also been needed in Doon URC, which waits immigration service approval for Mr. Simon Lievaart (a Canadian citizen) to serve as the congregation’s minister. Doon URC has been vacant since December of 2008. Prayers are especially requested as the church anticipates a visit from government officials and their subsequent ruling.

In addition to these weighty matters, Classis handled several routine matters and received greetings from fraternal delegates. Delegates rejoiced to hear positive reports regarding the work of church planters and a military chaplain.

Rev. Jacques Roets chaired the meeting while Rev. Spencer Aalsburg served as vice-chairman. Classis will next meet, the Lord willing, on September 12-13, 2011, with Hills URC as the convening consistory.

The above article by Glenda Mathes appeared on pp. 32-33 of the May 18, 2011, issue of Christian Renewal.


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