New Holland’s URC obtains building

After five years, Covenant Reformed Church in eastern Lancaster County, PA, anticipates worship in its own building.

Rev. Steve Arrick of Covenant Reformed Church in New Holland, PA, reports that the Zeltenreich UCC, which was originally a German Reformed congregation, is disbanding and has decided to donate its building and grounds to Covenant Reformed Church.

“On May 22,” he writes, “we will begin a trial period where we will have to demonstrate that we can handle the finances and upkeep of the building. Also, this will allow us to work out the details—legal and otherwise—for a formal transfer of the property to us.”

While details are being finalized during the trial period, active members of the Zeltenreich congregation will worship with Covenant and their offerings will go toward its budget.

When it begins meeting at the new location (752 Hollander Ave. in New Holland), Covenant will maintain two morning worship services (9:30 and 10:30 a.m.) with the first featuring a catechism sermon.

“When this is formalized, we will have a building dedication which representatives from our Classis and beyond will be invited to attend,” continues Rev. Arrick. “Meanwhile, we ask that you rejoice with us and continue to pray that we will have a smooth transition over the next several months.”

The above article by Glenda Mathes appeared on p. 32 of the May 18, 2011 issue of Christian Renewal.


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