Yvonne, Edna, Susan, Angela, and me

A writers’ retreat this weekend was a shot in my writing arm.

My writing friend, Susan Lawrence, planned the refreshing retreat and prepared fabuous food. Angela Dunston Johnson, my longtime friend, critique partner, and NaNoWriMo buddy, also attended. And I met two other sisters in Christ, Yvonne Anderson and Edna Allen, who are in an online critique group with Susan. Although Yvonne and Edna attended the same mentoring retreat where I met Susan two years ago, this was the first time we’d met.  The five of us shared sweet fellowship as well as delicious food.
We wrote productively during large blocks of free time. We offered and received helpful constructive advice during critique sessions. We walked around Pine Lake. We had devotions together. We even gathered around the piano and sang what could well be the theme song for each of us, “I Love to Tell the Story.”
The challenge now will be to maintain momentum as we move into our regular work weeks. But even if motivation stalls or emotions dip, we know that God orchestrates all events into the harmony of his supreme symphony.

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  1. It was a wonderful weekend, wasn’t it? I’m looking forward to blogging about it as well, as soon as I get a chance. Unfortunately I’m not as diligent about these things as you!

    I’m so grateful for the privilege of meeting you and Angela and spending such a sweet time together.

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