>Happy Anniversary!

>Late yesterday afternoon I ran into the Christian book store to find an anniversary card for my husband. It’s our anniversary today and, yes, I had waited until the last minute.

I had just found the anniversary section and hadn’t even picked up one of the “To Husband” cards when I heard someone enter the store.

“May I help you?” the clerk asked.

“I’m looking for a card,” the man said in a voice remarkably similar to my husband’s.

That sounds like Dave, I thought. Wait a minute, that is Dave.

I peered through a display and confirmed my fear. It was my husband. I was busted!

There was no hiding. I walked around the display and said, “Well, hello!”

He put his arms in front of himself and said, “Oh, my! Hello!”

“What are you doing here?” we said at the same time.

It was awkward to say the least. But it was humorous, too.

He pretended an interest in some books while I quickly picked out a card.

“The section you’re looking for is right there, sir,” I said, pointing to the anniversary card section as I passed him on my way to check out.

The amazing thing is that we each got the other person a really nice card with a very meaningful message.

But I’ll be we don’t wait until the last minute to buy our cards next year!


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