>Focusing on finishing: "Little One Lost"

>Various work commitments require my writing and editing efforts on several different projects. It helps when I am able to organize my work day into two-hour blocks, which focus on different projects. It’s an idea I got from that prolific writer, Leland Ryken, when I interviewed him. He has written a host of books on a great variety of subjects and he mentioned two-hour blocks when I asked him how he managed to accomplish all his writing in addition to his regular teaching responsibilities.

Working in two-hour blocks enables me to give one project primary focus for that amount of time. After two hours of intense focus, my brain and I are ready for a break. It works well to take a brief break and then focus on something else.

After my Synod stretch, I’m trying to get back into my regular schedule of two-hour blocks. And I’m focusing on finishing.

The specific project I’m focusing on finishing is my manuscript on early infant loss, Little One Lost: Living with Early Infant Loss.

This has been an extremely difficult project. It’s been difficult to find adequate time, viable organization, and appropriate words. In addition to these practical difficulties, there have been huge emotional difficulties. Writing the book has forced me to face my own fears and failings and has brought me to previously unknown levels of dependence, humility, and trust.

But the primary emotional difficulty has been coming alongside the many brave couples who courageously shared their very personal and poignant stories. Infant loss is an emotional subject; it has been heart wrenching to visit and revisit these personal stories of loss.

These grieving parents have courageously shared their stories, opening their hearts and reopening their partially healed wounds. They didn’t want to increase their pain, but they did want to somehow help others who have lost little ones.

It is my prayer that their efforts will be worth the emotional pain; that someone who grieves will find comfort, that someone will better understand infant loss, or that someone will be better equipped to minister to grieving families.

Above all, it is my prayer that in this–as in all I do–God will be glorified.

Please join me in these prayers. And if the Lord leads you, I’d appreciate prayer and encouragement for the necessary focus to finish.


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