>Lassoing Leprechauns

>Hat tip to my daughter, Bethany, for directing me to this interesting NY Times article about “mind-wandering” (read “day-dreaming”). The basic conclusions of the article are that “mind-wandering” can be counter-productive (when reading, for instance) or dangerous (when tail-gating, for example), but “mind-wandering” can also be a way to explore creative channels and can be productive when the creative thoughts are captured.

I think of this as catching the elusive leprechauns that flit through the shadows of my mind, and posted about it on 6 September 2006.

It’s been almost four years since that post; a lot of fiction water has flowed under my writing bridge. I’m more convinced than ever that I need to allow my mind time to wander (read “day-dream”) in order to see the leprechauns glimmering in the shadows. But it’s only when I lasso those elusive leprachauns that they lead me to their hidden gold.


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