>Breaking the Silence

>The cardinal rule of blogging is to regularly post entries. The erratic blogger is sure to lose readers, so bloggers are encouraged to post at least two or three times each week.

When I first began blogging, I decided to try to post regularly. I also promised myself that I wouldn’t be a complaining blogger who is always telling readers about all the difficulties or frustrations of my life. And I determined not to be a blogger who wastes everyone’s time by beginning most posts with an apology for the length of time since the last entry.

My last entry was nearly three weeks ago on May 10, however, which I believe calls for some explanation.

Here’s the brief, but necessary explanation: I underwent surgery on May 12 and I haven’t been feeling well enough to be in my office much since.

The nature of the surgery was personal and I really don’t care to talk about it or answer questions about it. The important thing is that I am finally beginning to feel a bit more normal. But it will be some time before I can sit in a regular chair for any length of time. I spend most of my day lounging or napping in my recliner. Since I still struggle with periods of extreme fatigue (that often include headaches, chest pains, palpitations, and labored breathing), I don’t feel well enough for any work yet.

I’ve never been quite as faithful of a blogger as I should be, but I have always been very thankful for the regular readers who stick with me in spite of my sporadic silences as a blogger.

I’m briefly braving the chair today to break my long silence and let you know that I hope, the Lord willing, to return to more regular posts soon.


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