>Tulip Festival

>It’s Tulip Time in Pella.

That means the weather can be either stifling hot and sunny or crazy cold and windy. Yesterday and so far today, it’s the latter.

Thursday’s weather, however, was pleasant: mild temperatures and sun. I went uptown briefly with my daughter and her month-old grandson.

Yesterday that grandson, Layton, was a star. His dad and mom and I took him uptown, warmly dressed in a sharp black costume with white suspenders that matched his daddy’s and deeply ensconced in the old baby carriage that I used to take our children in the Tulip Time baby parade. We met my neice Kelly and her baby Anderson (only two weeks older than Layton) on the square and took some pictures of the moms and babies in their Dutch costumes.

Many, many took pictures of Layton in the carriage. Kelly suggested that we tape a sign to the front of the carriage: “$1 per picture. Proceeds go to my college fund.”

By the end of our brief time uptown, we wished we’d done just that. It is not exaggerating to say that about a hundred pictures of him were taken. Nearly everyone who saw him, stopped to remark about how cute he was, most of them taking pictures.

Our daughter, Ariel, is a cometologist at a local salon and walking around during Tulip Time gave me a glimpse of her huge clientelle. About every ten feet, we had to stop for another client to greet Ariel and look at Layton.

By the time we finally made it over to the starting place for the baby parade, the wind had increased so much and the sky was so dark that Ariel and Nick decided not to walk through the parade route with the baby section. Ariel had been extremely sick earlier in the week and I was glad they made that decision. When we got back to the van and began driving home, there were sprinkles on the windshield.

We may have missed walking with the baby parade, but we had a great time walking with the baby star.


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